Types of Telehealth Video Consultations


Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy


Short Consult – A great option when you need to talk to someone about your injury or issue and get some direction on where to get started.  This is a short 10 minute video call to help you work out what to do.

Initial Consult – Initial assessment and consultation appointment. Ideal if you have an injury that needs treatment, or you are looking for help with your rehabilitation. A full history, assessment and treatment plan are completed in this appointment

Follow Up Consult – Ongoing appointment to help you with your rehabilitation or recovery.  Your appointment will include updating your independent program, advice and education relating to your self management.

Exercise Physiology


Short Consult – A great option if you want to talk to an Accredited Exercise Physiologist about your health and wellbeing. Perhaps you have seen your GP and need to make some changes to your lifestyle. We can help get you started.

Initial Exercise Physiology Consult – This is a 60 minute assessment and consultation designed to establish your goals and some benchmarks on where your health and well-being is at present.

Follow Up Exercise Physiology Consult – This is an ongoing appointment as part of your treatment plan.  This is will include revising and updating your independent exercise program. Setting further goals for your program, along with advice and education to help you with your health or rehab goals.