Had a health and fitness assessment lately? If you are over 30 years of age you should be having yearly health checks with your GP, as well as monitoring your health and fitness to keep yourself in the best shape possible.

A large number of health conditions and diseases are preventable – exercise training is proven to improve cardiovascular risk profile, body composition and cardiovascular fitness which are all strongly related to better health outcomes (1) .

For the month of July we are offering 40% off all Health and Fitness Assessments for new clients.  This is a 1 hour, one on one assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists.  Your assessment includes;

  • Heart rate and blood pressure assessment
  • Anthropometry (Height, weight, skinfolds and body composition assessment)
  • Submaximal Bike Test to assess your cardiovascular fitness
  • Written report

Your report can be forwarded to your GP or relevant health practitioner, please note you may need a medical clearance prior to commencing the Health and Fitness Assessment.

For more information, please contact us or call Bounce Exercise Clinic on 1300 784 724 to book your assessment.

1. Hodern, M.D., Dunstan, D.W., Prins, J.B., Baker, M.K., Fiatarone Singh, M.A., Coombes, J.S. (2012) Exercise prescription for patients with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes: A position statement from Exercise and Sports Science Australia. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (15) 25-31.