Posture Pro

The Lockeroom Posture Pro is a simple back pain tool designed by physiotherapists to help relieve the symptoms of back pain caused by muscle tightness and poor posture.

The Posture Pro is a similar product to Back Balls, which is a do it yourself back mobilisation tool that you can use at home, work, in the car or at the gym to loosen your spinal joints, massage your muscles or work through trigger points.

The Posture Pro’s role is to help prevent back stiffness and to assist in recovery from back injury or spine stiffness.

Similar to Back Balls, with the Posture Pro you either roll or lie upon the Posture Pro to provide localised joint mobilisation, stretch and soft tissue massage. It’s simple to use and highly effective especially if you have been slouched in front of a computer all day!

While the Posture Pro was originally designed to loosen your spine, the Posture Pro can also be used to help massage other body parts such as your ITB, buttock, hamstrings, calves and thigh.


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Posture Pro was primarily developed for the relief of joint stiffness in the Thoracic spine. Accompanying improved thoracic mobility, is reduced neck and lower back pain & stiffness and often headaches caused by poor posture.

As well as improving spinal joint mobility, the Posture Pro can  release thoracic muscular and fascial tension.

Posture Pro can be used in a variety of weight bearing intensities…..For a gentler effect use Posture Pro against a wall. For greater stimulation lie on the floor, and for even more intensity lift your hips from the floor and use full bodyweight. At all times during use ensure your neck remains supported.

Posture Pro has also be used effectively on for many other areas of the body including releases for – Plantar fasciitis, Calf tightness, ITB and TFL, Pectoralis major and minor, Teres, Lats and Traps.


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