Sports Physiotherapy


Sports Physiotherapy is a specialised discipline within physiotherapy for injury prevention and injury treatment for people involved in sport and physical activity across all ages and levels of ability. Our sports physios have elite sports experience across a range of sports, including AFL, Soccer, Rugby League and Rugby Union, Golf, Ice Hockey and Mixed Martial Arts to name a few!

Sports Physiotherapy - Helping you perform at your best | Bounce PhysiotherapyThe 2 main areas of Sports Physiotherapy are

  • prevention (being proactive and stop or limit the injury)
  • treatment (after the injury has occurred)¬†

What’s different about sports physiotherapy¬†compared to physiotherapy for every day injuries?

One of the main difference with sports injuries is due to the greater stress put on muscles, joints and bones through participation in sports. The most common injuries associated with sports include;

  • ligament sprains
  • strains
  • muscle tears
  • joint injuries and over-use injuries.

Our sports physiotherapists will assess and treat the cause of your injury allowing you to build the strength, mobility, balance and co-ordination required to return to your sport pain free and to help prevent further injury.

General goals of sports physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation are;

  • Accurate diagnosis - and immediate referral for imaging or specialist review if required
  • Treatment plan - including expected timeframe to return to play or activity
  • Treatment & Rehabilitation - including independent & home exercises to get you self managing your injury
  • Monitoring and education - tracking of your program, and helping you to understand your rehab, so you don't have the same issues in the future

Sports Physiotherapy - Helping you to perform at your best | Bounce PhysiotherapyAPA Titled Sports Physiotherapists are highly qualified physiotherapists with expert knowledge and skills in their area of practice. They undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that they achieve and maintain exceptional standards of clinical experience and knowledge.

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