Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation


It doesn’t matter whether you are about to have surgery or have just had your procedure, we can help with your rehabilitation.

Pre Surgery Rehabilitation

Also known as “prehab” – is designed to optimise your strength, fitness and control before you have your surgery.

Clients come in up to 8 weeks before their surgery to work on specific areas for their respective procedure. In addition we also help you to get as fit and strong as you can prior to admission.

This way you are in the best possible condition and are generally able to get moving post surgery more quickly. You will have a home based program to work on during this period, as well as the supervised sessions here at the clinic.  Sessions are conducted individually and in small group settings.

In addition, education and understanding about what to expect following your surgery in terms of recovery and physical activity are important. We will stay in contact with your GP and surgeon throughout your prehab period.



Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Once your surgeon has given you the all clear to get started we can start your rehabilitation and get you back on the road to recovery quickly.

We have experience across a range of procedures from orthopaedic to general surgery, so whatever your procedure was – you will be in good hands. We take direct referrals from surgeons, GP’s, or from you.

Between our physiotherapy and exercise physiology team, we will have your treatment covered from early to late stage rehab.

Nothing beats supervised rehabilitation with experienced practitioners.  You will also have a home based program to follow as you get better, however, having regular supervised sessions means your rehab is adjusted regularly to optimise your rehabilitation (whether that is an increase or decrease in your rehab!).

During your post surgery rehab we keep in touch with your surgeon and GP to make sure you stay on track. Sessions are conducted individually and in small group settings.



For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact us on 1300 782 724.