The Young Athlete Podcast

The​ Young Athlete Podcast is for parents of young athletes, coaches and young athletes themselves. It is designed to provide great information on keeping young athletes injury free and on the playing field – whether they are an elite athlete or not!
The young athlete podcast is for

  • Parents of young athletes whether they are elite athletes, or participate in everyday sport and don’t necessarily have an ambition of becoming elite athletes or playing professionally.
  • Young athletes themselves to listen to and gain a better insight into the variety of factors that go into performance and injury prevention, and can make a difference in competition.
  • Coaches of young athletes – you are at the coalface and have the greatest capacity for impact!
  • Elite athletes have their own stable of people to look after them, keep them injury free and on track – through this show we want to provide a stable of people to help you look after your young athlete​

Listen to the Young Athlete Podcast here