Strength training to treat osteoarthritis. OA program at Bounce Physiotherapy in Drummoyne, Sydney

7 Tips for the Management of Osteoarthritis – You are not “stuck” with it

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic disease that can affect people of any age.  It is a condition that affects the whole joint, including bone, cartilage, ligaments and muscles.  OA has multiple, complex causes.  Nearly 1 in 5 Australians have arthritis, most of these have OA. It has been a commonly held belief for a while that once you have OA,

Can I get a medicare referral for physiotherapy | Bounce Physiotherapy | Drummoyne

Medicare Rebates: Can I Get a Medicare Rebate for Physiotherapy?

Medicare Rebates: Can I Get a Medicare Rebate for Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is a critical component of treatment for a wide range of conditions, including osteoarthritis, chronic pain, neck pain and back pain. For some patients there are ways to access a Medicare rebate for physiotherapy via the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) services.

should i see a doctor or physio first?

Should I see a doctor or physio first?

So, something has happened and you, or someone at home is injured.  Should you see your doctor or physio first? It doesn’t feel like it’s getting better and you aren’t sure just who you should be booking in with.

Your doctor, a physiotherapist, or off to the hospital?

When you should see your doctor first

Obviously if you have had a massive injury,

Knee bracing for skiing and snowboarding

Skiing or Snowboarding this Winter? – To brace or not to brace

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With the ski and snowboarding season in full swing here in Australia and New Zealand, I was keen to get this blog out!